May 24, 2022 · This study of 16 cities is the first large-scale analysis of how digital communication patterns have changed in the early stages of the pandemic. The overall pattern of more meetings and more emails points to a spillover of virtual communication beyond normal working hours.. "/>

PR Case Study - PR Disaster from Malaysian Airlines. Analysis: Malaysia Airlines' mishandled response to the MH370 crisis. The MH370 incident has given Malaysia Airlines' communication operation an unprecedented challenge, but poor handling and misinformation have created a credibility gap. For more information as well as the full article of .... Mar 08, 2012 · Communications Case Study 1. The Best Practices Advantage Case Study In Communications Improvement 2. Starting Position Our client is a leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. However, because of its scale of business, it was suffering from bottle-necked communications from mid-level managem.

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